Odessa: Old Photos

 () , 1915-

() , 1915-

. . 1960- .

What Odessa looked like in its early days? And before that? And still before?

Streets, squares, public gardens, beaches, houses In the senior memories they are not like we know them now drastically different, with that monument at the crossroads, that corner shop, that fancy railing

It is solely the aged photos that keep them still alive. And if you are not a sheer listener of ere now time Odessa tales but still long to see it in deed and not in name, the way the city had been transforming year by year welcome to our Odessa: Old Photos project.

It is replenished by anyone eager (and able) to share ones own photomemory of Odessa with others from the known local lore experts, and collectors to Odessites (and others) who treasure their home photo-albums with the aged stills.

It was not intended to collect all photos of the bygone Odessa which is an unfeasible task. But we feel an urge to exhibit in as much detail as possible the way our city has been changing (and still is) through time.

Documentary newsreeels featuring Odessa bygone are available here.