19.06.2015 Russian

Odessa Region New Chief Militiaman Necessitated Removing Checkpoints

To remove chechpoints at Odessa entrances and to turn in the machine-guns to the armory was demanded from his subordinates by the new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Central Directorate in Odessa Region Giorgi Lortkipanidze.

It was informed today by the official website of the Directorate carrying the G.Lortkipanidze statement about his work in the current position.

The greatest problem in fighting the criminal, the head of the Regional militia announced, - is corruption. If we win the fight against corruption then we are able to fight the criminal and will gain credibility and respect from the civilians, and people's belief is crucial for the militia.

It is only three days that I have taken up the post of the Odessa Central body head, and I see that a lot has to be changed and done here. At present there is a total corruption, and armed militiamen patrolling the streets, together with checkpoints at city entrances cause anxiety among citizens. People should not fear the law enforcers, they must trust militia and respect the law, thus one of my prime requirements - to remove checkpoints and turn in the machine-guns to the armory.

I would like also to stress that each and every militia unit ought to clearly understand and realize the assigned functions. Detection of crimes stays exclusively within operational services, special forces should effect their work, and district militia officers - their.

The personnel of Odessa militia reacted positively to my appointment. I took no Georgians with me, all newly appointed will be chosen from the acting Ukrainian militiamen. I feel myself a patriot of Ukraine - having left my family in Georgia, I took Ukrainian citizenship and came to restore order in Odessa Region. People hopefully anticipate the results of my work and so, if you are patriots then we are open for your help and support, but only within the limits of the current Ukrainian legislation.

I wish to address the citizens of Odessa and Region: changes will not be instant, but I promise that will do everything possible to return people's confidence in the militia. Don't you please give any money to anybody! If you come across such facts please turn for my personal help! I wish to assure you that anyone of militia personnel who oversteps law will be punished.

I wish to address also my subordinates: I realize that you are in dire straits, low salaries, but all this does not excuse receiving bribes. If you want much money - go into business, but if you wish to serve - please be honest and do not undermine the militia authority.

A reminder: a 47-year-old Georgian general, former Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia was presented as a head of Odessa militia on June 16. As Arsen Avakov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has stressed, the appointment was initiated by the head of ORSA, ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili. The previous week G. Lortkipanidze was granted Ukrainian citizenship .


19.06.2015Governor and Businessmen Invited to Odessa Children Affected by Tbilisi Disaster

Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration (ORSA) Mikhail Saakashvili suggested that children who were affected by disaster in Tbilisi come for a rest stay to Odessa.

Governor Saakashvili: Odessa Knows that Smuggling Is Sheltered By SSU

Odessa is quite aware that smuggling is a protection racket of many Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) representatives. It was announced by the head of the Regional State Administration (RSA) Mikhail Saakashvili.

Carmen Returned to Odessa Opera

Dress rehearsal of Georges Bizet opera Carmen in Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet took place. Opening nights will be on June 19, 20, and 21.

17.06.2015SSU Special Task Force Directed to Odessa - to Fight Corruption

Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) head Valentin Nalivaichenko in utmost emergency has directed a special high-level task force of the SSU central apparatus to fight corruption in Odessa and in the Region on the whole.

Landing Operation in the South of Odessa Region

Within the tactical exercises complex of the Ukrainian Navy in the south of Odessa Region the assault company of the marines has conducted an airdrop.

17.06.2015A Communists-Revolutionaries Grouping Member Detained in Odessa

Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) has detained a member of the Communists-Revolutionaries grouping. It was written today by the advisor to the head of the SSU - Markiyan Lubkivskiy - in his Facebook page.