21.06.2015 Russian

Odessa Transformer Vaults As Street-Art Objects

During last two years transformer substations in Odessa streets turned into street-art objects. This is due to cooperation of OdessaRegEnergo with a creative Studio No 97.

- The start was given in 2012. Then OdessaRegEnergo representatives complained of the street ruffians painting the booths with obsene graffiti and inscriptions, - recollects Igor Matroskin, one of the creatives-performers of the project. - We suggested Odessa recognizable views to be depicted on the transformer vaults in a hope that many idlers will be ashamed to raise a hand against the native city.

Transformer vault at the cross-roads of Preobrazhenskaya and Pasteur Streets has become a pilot one, according to Igor. It was covered with drawings of the lightning-house, Vorontsov Palace, and a lion. One by one, about 10 transformer vaults appeared painted all over. They are situated for the most part in the downtown Odessa, but there are some in the bedroom communities - Ivanovskiy Bridge and Vuzovskiy community.

- It was two of us who painted - I and my partmer Denis Belyi [Whitey]. Depending on weather, area, and other factors it took us a week or two, the artist narrates. The customer provided spray paint, and just he sanctioned our ideas and sketches.

This project over, another one emerged: In December 2014 the guys [url=http://viknaodessa.od.ua/photo/?id=820.] painted pedestrian subway [/url] near the Polytechnical Institute in Shevchenko Prospekt. And again it was Odessa theme.

Shooting date: 21.06.15.
Photos: Vyacheslav Tenyakov.


Odessa Region New Chief Militiaman Necessitated Removing Checkpoints

To remove chechpoints at Odessa entrances and to turn in the machine-guns to the armory was demanded from his subordinates by the new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Central Directorate in Odessa Region Giorgi Lortkipanidze.

19.06.2015Governor and Businessmen Invited to Odessa Children Affected by Tbilisi Disaster

Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration (ORSA) Mikhail Saakashvili suggested that children who were affected by disaster in Tbilisi come for a rest stay to Odessa.

Governor Saakashvili: Odessa Knows that Smuggling Is Sheltered By SSU

Odessa is quite aware that smuggling is a protection racket of many Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) representatives. It was announced by the head of the Regional State Administration (RSA) Mikhail Saakashvili.

Carmen Returned to Odessa Opera

Dress rehearsal of Georges Bizet opera Carmen in Odessa National Academic Theater of Opera and Ballet took place. Opening nights will be on June 19, 20, and 21.

17.06.2015SSU Special Task Force Directed to Odessa - to Fight Corruption

Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) head Valentin Nalivaichenko in utmost emergency has directed a special high-level task force of the SSU central apparatus to fight corruption in Odessa and in the Region on the whole.

Landing Operation in the South of Odessa Region

Within the tactical exercises complex of the Ukrainian Navy in the south of Odessa Region the assault company of the marines has conducted an airdrop.