24.06.2015 Russian

First Deputy Prosecutor General: «Odessa Can Become a Little Singapore»

Odessa Governor Mikhail Saakashvili «is quite aware of what Ukraine really needs». The opinion was expressed by the former Georgian President's countryman - first Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze.

Ôîňî: omr.gov.ua

Ôîňî: omr.gov.ua

In his interview to portal «Liga» the official assured that in Odessa Region, like in Georgia, «will be absolutely new political climate, new management style».

According to D. Sakvarelidze, his countryman will appear «the most problemless Governor» for President Pyotr Poroshenko: «Quite opposite - he will show the ways to handle business, how to fight corruption, how to upgrade both the tourist and investment climate. Odessa can become a little Singapore. Primarily Odessites should be spared corruption, the State pressure on business, industry ought to be minimized. Investors must have a chance to invest - and business with industry will start blooming. And that is a thing Misha does excellently».

Deputy Prosecutor General stressed: «Saakashvili knows well what is the State interest. Hence all and everyone will have to find their inner resources to correspond to such an unusual Governor. And in general, considering Mikhail's scope, if I were in the shoes of the acting State officials I wouldn't miss a chance to become a part of the changes that will be drawn by Saakashvili the locomotive».

«President, having appointed Saakashvili to Odessa consolidates the south of Ukraine. It is a strategic part of the State and a key to its integrity. If Odessa does not endure the same will be with the rest of Ukraine. Donbass and Crimea will be returned, it is a matter of time. But just now, at this critical moment, development of other fields should be manifested. Even in wartime a specific result may be shown», - D. Sakvarelidze stressed.


24.06.201569% of Odessa Respondents Stated Their Decreased Financial Position

69% of the «Social situation, sentiments, and orientations of Odessa population» study participants stated that during last year their financial position has decreased.

Speaker Talked in Odessa About «Deseparatization» of Ukraine

Draft amendments to the Constitution on decentralization is the way to «deceparatize Ukraine». The opinion was expressed in Odessa by the Verkhovna Rada [Ukrainian Parliament] Chairman Vladimir Groisman.

Advisor to Odessa Governor:«Bessarabia Is On a Knife Edge: Powerful Anti-Ukrainian Sentiments»

Ukrainian Bessarabia «cliffhangs». The opinion was expressed by Aleksandr Borovik, the advisor to the head of Odessa Regional State Administration (ORSA) Mikhail Saakashvili.

Odessa Transformer Vaults As Street-Art Objects

During last two years transformer substations in Odessa streets turned into street-art objects. This is due to cooperation of OdessaRegEnergo with a creative Studio No 97.

Odessa Region New Chief Militiaman Necessitated Removing Checkpoints

To remove chechpoints at Odessa entrances and to turn in the machine-guns to the armory was demanded from his subordinates by the new head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA) Central Directorate in Odessa Region Giorgi Lortkipanidze.

19.06.2015Governor and Businessmen Invited to Odessa Children Affected by Tbilisi Disaster

Head of the Odessa Regional State Administration (ORSA) Mikhail Saakashvili suggested that children who were affected by disaster in Tbilisi come for a rest stay to Odessa.