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Forbes: Odessa Tops Most Business-Friendly Cities Rating

Ukrainian edition of Forbes for the first time in two years has listed the most business-friendly cities of the country. Odessa heads the list.

: omr.gov.ua

: omr.gov.ua

The evaluation criteria were: human capital, purchasing capacity, business climate, economic stability, infrastructure, business soundness.

The edition writes: Odessa managed to excellently comply with all requirements except maybe serious and very serious crimes comprising practically half of the overall crimes.

To draw up the rating Forbes used information of the municipal executive committee, State Statistics Committee, Ministry of Education and Science, GT Partners and Geo-M companies.

It is stressed in the article that the most profitable active of Odessa was and still is the sea. Its profitability has raised especially after the Crimea was annexed - the city acquired the significant portion of the peninsula maritime traffic (...). Odessa will become more rich also with the start of the tourist season. Many Ukrainians who used to spend their holidays in Crfimea will go this summer to Odessa beaches.

Odessa Opera House photo was placed by the magazine editors on June issue cover.

The top five business-friendly cities, according to Forbes-Ukraine, also include Lvov (2nd place), Kharkov (3rd), Dnieproperovsk (4th), and Nikolaev (5th). 25 items rating is closed by Uzhgorod.


Odessa to Open Skies - the Minister

Odessa airport will soon introduce open skies operating mode, alike the one in Lvov. It was informed today by the Minister of Infrastructure Andrey Pivovarskiy.

26.06.2015Member of the Board at SSU: 120 Operations Against Diversion Groups in Odessa

Odessa law enforcers conducted 120 operations to detain members of diversion groups. It was informed today by the public council for Security Service of Ukraine (SSU) updating member Yuriy Tandit.

Newborn Llama and Doe in Odessa Zoo

With a day difference a llama and European fallow deer were born in Odessa Zoo. Information came through the municipal information department.

Adisor to Odessa Governor: Half a Year for Defeating Corruption in the Region

To exhaust corruption in a separate region of Ukraine six months are sufficient. The opinion was expressed by Aleksandr Borovik - advisor to the head of Odessa Regional State Administration (ORSA) MIkhail Saakashvili.

First Deputy Prosecutor General: Odessa Can Become a Little Singapore

Odessa Governor Mikhail Saakashvili is quite aware of what Ukraine really needs. The opinion was expressed by the former Georgian President's countryman - first Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine David Sakvarelidze.

24.06.201569% of Odessa Respondents Stated Their Decreased Financial Position

69% of the Social situation, sentiments, and orientations of Odessa population study participants stated that during last year their financial position has decreased.