24.04.201586% of Odessa Region Roadways Need Repair - Expert

March inspection resulted in 86% length of Odessa Region tracks needing repair. 28.3% of road surfacing is completely destroyed, and 58% display pits and potholes.

23.04.2015Odessa AntiMaidan Woman-Activist Suspected in Bombing is Detained

Arrested was an AntiMaidan and Kulikovo Pole organization woman-activist «reasonably suspected» of involvement in the series of acts of terrorism in Odessa. It was informed today by the Security Service of Ukraine (SSU).

23.04.2015Anniversary Coins and Envelope of Odessa University

150th anniversary of the Mechnikov Odessa National University (ONU) will be marked by two jubilee coins issued by the National Bank of Ukraine, and an envelope - by Ukrposhta (Ukrainian Post-Office). Opening of the University museum is scheduled for May 12.

Cruise Season Started Today in Odessa

Cruise season started today in Odessa port. The first visitor was a «Europe» liner of 198.6 m length that belongs to the German Hapaq-Lloydcruises company and flies the Bahamas flag.

Book Festival in Odessa

April 22-28 in Odessa are the days of Bookfest dedicated to the World Book and Copyright Day (celebrated April 23). The City Garden hosted today its main event.

22.04.2015«InfoResistance»: Increased Terrorist Threat Level in Odessa

Odessa Region displays a «shift in spectrum of threats» (terroristic, separatistic) with its overall consistently negative level. It was announced by Informational Resistance (IR) group.

Odessa Maritime Border Guards Practiced Fighting

Odessa maritime guard unit underwent a comprehensive training in working out special and firing skills, as well as providing first aid in combat conditions.

20.04.2015«InfoResistance»: Diminished Terrorist Threat Level in Odessa

A number of subversive groups neutralized, level of terrorist threat in Odessa has been significantly reduced. It was announced by Informational Resistance (IR) group.

20.04.2015Anti-Corruption Bureau Head: «Odessa is One of the Corrupt Cities»

Director of the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) Artem Sytnik is entitled to establish territorial administrations (seven at the most) in «the most bribable cities».

17.04.2015Prosecutor's Office Urges Odessites to Abstain from Unauthorized Mass Actions

Odessa prosecutor's office has published an appeal to citizens and visitors - «to abstain from participating in unauthorized mass events of the socio-political character».